HONKO Food Grade White Oil

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Products overview

The appearance of this product is transparent colorless liquid,

being refined from saturated hydrocarbons by highpressure

hydrogenating process, and removing aromatic hydrocarbon

and harmful sulfur components. Products are odorless and

complies with FDA21CFR172878 and FDA21CFR1783620(a)


Application scope

Widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials

Industrial softener for polystyrene plastics

Vaseline or baby oil

Food machinery lubrication of manufacturing and packaging

Softening agent and toughening agent for thermal plastics

Textile industry and textile lubrication

Light colour products mold-releasing oil

Light colour and non-polluting rubber process oil

Performance and characteristics

Colorless, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and no fluorescence

High purity and low UV absorbance

Free of sulfide and heavy metal, and no harm to human body